Signed Editions and Autopen Identifiers


This book collecting guide helps you to understand the value of a signed edition (whether it’s flat-signed, tipped-in, or inscribed) and gives you the tools to identify a variety of signature types including secretarial, autopen, and facsimile.


Autopen Identifiers
Signed Editions & Autopen Identifiers

Do you have a signed book? Are you sure the signature is real?  Are you sure it’s not a facsimile, or an autopen, or even signed by someone else?  How can you tell?

Most book sellers are honest, hard-working folks. But not everyone selling books online is a “book seller.” Some people simply come across signed books that they think are valuable. But what if they’re not?  Not everyone can identify replica signatures.  Some sellers don’t even know that there are different types of signatures.  And they don’t know their true value.

With this One Girl Collecting Guide YOU identify not only the different types of signatures, but if they’re real or fake. You’ll learn which signatures are considered more or less valuable in the book collecting world. Additionally, learn the signing terminology used by book sellers. Learn when “inscribed” or “remarqued” might be preferred over “flat signed,” and why flat signed is so popular.

Learn the difference between an authentic signature and a fake one.  With a few clues, you’ll be able to spot an autopen signature or a facsimile like a pro.

This book also includes a list of known autopen-signed editions AND known facsimile signature editions.


46 pages.


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