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I’ve curtailed my book purchases as of late. It’s partly a space issue and partly a money issue.., but last week I posted on the One Girl Facebook page about The Signed Page having a clearance sale in order to make space for new books. (If you’re not following One Girl on Facebook, you might want to, as I post with more frequency there—especially when it comes to sales). If you’re still interested, it looks like there are still a few titles available for the $14 clearance price. All titles are 1st/1sts and signed. So, a really good deal and The Signed Page ships the books in bubble wrap and book boxes. (Which my cats are currently enjoying, btw.)

I took advantage of the sale and bought a 1st/1st of Naomi Novik’s League of Dragons, signed, for $14. (Sold out now.)

A quick search on Abebooks will tell you that signings for this book are rare with prices listing between $40 and $90 USD.

Well, my copy arrived yesterday:

I have to be honest, I’ve not read any of Novik’s books (yet), but her Temeraire series (of which this book is a part) has been nominated for a Hugo this year.

There are 9 books in the series which started with His Majesty’s Dragon (2006).

(Stealing this bit from Wikipedia, sorry) “The novels are works of both fantasy and alternate history: they are ‘a reimagining of the epic events of the Napoleonic Wars with an air force—an air force of dragons, manned by crews of aviators.’ [] The first book, His Majesty’s Dragon, won the 2007 Compton Crook Award in the (science fiction/fantasy) genre. The book was also nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2007.”




The books in the series:

  • His Majesty’s Dragon (2006) / Temeraire (UK)
  • Throne of Jade (2006)
  • Black Powder War (2006)
  • Empire of Ivory (2007)
  • Victory of Eagles (2008)
  • Tongues of Serpents (2010)
  • Crucible of Gold (2012)
  • Blood of Tyrants (2013)
  • League of Dragons (2016)

Subterranean Press is publishing a short story collection, as a follow up to the Temeraire series, later this year. Golden Age (and Other Stories) will be published in a limited edition (with artwork) of 400. Like many opportunities, I seemed to miss the boat on this one as it’s already sold out—although the trade edition is still available for $25.

Sub Press also published signed, lettered and limited editions of the first 3 books in the series. The lettered editions are now worth between $300-$1,000 each, while the limited editions (of 500) are listing for about $100-$260.

Harper Voyager, in the UK also did a signed, limited edition of 100 copies of each of the first 4 titles. Those usually list in the $200 range.

Science Fiction Book Club published an omnibus of the first 3 novels in 2006, titled Temeraire, In the Service of the King. I couldn’t find print runs for this, even though one bookseller claimed that it is a rare edition. I wouldn’t think that it would be very valuable, unless signed (or, you know, unless you collect SFBC). I found one listing for a signed copy at $100 and 1 listing for an unsigned copy at $50, but mostly they hover around the $15 mark. (AND, btw, I am working on a SFBC E-book which lists titles, publishing dates, spine codes, and values—I’ve been working on it for the last 7+ months, on and off, in hopes of finishing and I think I see light at the end of the tunnel. maybe. fingers crossed.) Anyway…

The original series was published in the U.S. by Del Rey/Balantine. First/firsts while not always easy to find (especially the earlier novels), can probably be gotten for less than $65 if not signed (or in some cases, even if signed). We’re talking about books in Fine condition here. I did see some $4 and $8 copies for sale—but I would be leery about condition.

The series, it appears has been optioned (for movies) a couple of times (once by Peter Jackson), but it appears that it’s still too difficult to make a movie or mini-series out of it—so it won’t be coming to a big or small screen near you any time soon.

I hope your summer is treating you well wherever you are, and that you’re reading many wonderful, potentially thought provoking books.



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